The Cherry BX2 PH-TBJ home-built distinguishes by the following details:


Light plane, two seat side by side configuration with a surrounding (360°) view

Composite with wood, Styrofoam, Fiberglas and Epoxy-resin

Retractable landing gear with a controlled nose wheel

Differential flaps, movement includes ailerons in a reduced rate

Vertical stabilizer with anti-servo-flap

Rudder is cable-controlled, stabilizer and ailerons are controlled by push-rods

Quickly removable wings (one person 20 min assembly, 2 persons 12 min)

Usable load : 245 kg. MTOW 600 kg

Cruise speed : 125 kts (231 km/h), max speed 149 kts (276 km/h)

Fuel consumption average @120 kts : 13,5 liter/hour

Fuel capacity : 83 liter (euro95/98/Avgas)

Endurance @ 120 kts : 1365 km ( 1250 km including 0,5 hr reserve)

Optional: additional tank 73 liter available which increases range up to 2450 km including 0,5 hr reserve.

Climb rate solo: 1900 ft/min, gross weight: 1500 ft/min

Engine : BMW R1200 GS with BMSK engine controller

Propellor : Woodcomp SR3000/3

Permit to fly : Till 28-12-2021

Current flying hours: 536

Stationed @home (Druten, the Netherlands)


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